Action Cameras

flying without recording the stuff we see is almost no fun! While being in the air we want to take home good memories from that moment and share these, if they are shareable 🙂

We will present our used cameras here for you. Then you can get an idea of what equipment we currently run and how we get along.

Mainly we use the following cameras:

Xiaomi Yi

action-cam - xiaomi-yi.jpg

Oldie but goldie! Back in the days this camera rocked and took over the GoPros place on our models. It was cheap, tweakable and managed to produce good footage. We have several videos on it

Click here to see the Xiaomi Yi footage playlist

Yi 4K+

action-cam - yi-4kplus.jpg

The best camera we might have currently

GitUp F1

It's slim, it's nice, it's 4K!

We've got some videos on it on the YouTube-Channel.
Click here to see the GitUp F1 footage playlist

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