Building side walls for the Willi (Rs)

The MicroTrond Willi (Rs) needed some side walls to hold the components safer. Ended up doing some basic shapes in super cheap foam and taped these to make them durable.

I decided to draw them afterwards with Fusion360 so I can reproduce them for later builds and dont need to fiddle with some “almost identical” solutions.

I sketched it in Fusion to be more accurate :)

Finishing the little piece of work with a foam canopy, which needed to be taped from the bottom to become durable. Slices in the top at about 1cm … then applied tape on the top after having aligned the foam to the curves of the side walls.


This is how it would like like
The cover needed to fit to the side walls - cutting some foam and taped itThe final task: Tape the nose of the canopy to the frame! Let’s hope it will survive the upcoming flights πŸ™‚

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