Building the Reptile S1100 Harrier

yes ... it's done! I've finished the build of the S1100 Harrier and it went pretty smooth. Some oh-crap moments but overall uneventful. While getting all the pieces together I didnt forget to make pictures and clips on what I did to make it maintainable and even reconfigureable. There is a pile of pictures and clips on my camera and all of this will be part one of the S1100 Build log.

Part 1: Twin engine setup without flight controller

As usual I go for a clean setup to get in touch with the new wing. I need to learn, how it behaves and if my setup is flying good before I start putting the iNav system into it which gives me all the things I'll need in a wing like that.

But first we need to make it flyable. I've been installing servos, motors, wires, gps, flight cams and antennas all over the kit paving the way to make it upgradeable later. Even the motor setup can be changed afterwards to whatever needs my rise. Because when you begin to make a plan on how to do things, the result tend to become much better 🙂

In part one we will build the wing and fly it as it comes. Adjustments to the controls will be done to make it fly smooth with the two motors running 6040" props and will be fired with 4s. Further we I installed a DragonLink into it, to be able to strecht out a bit, so we are going for long range. But it will be easy to swap out these things to a regular system of yours. So no worries here ... it's an easy job!

So far the following components have been used:

  • 2x Racerstar BR2205 2300kv (CW and CCW) motors
  • 2x Racerstar RS30A 30A Blheli_S OPTO 2-4S ESC
  • 2x Towerpro MG92B Servos
  • RunCam Eagle 2
  • a cheap GPS that works with iNav (dont know what that is)

Part 2: Installing iNav and fly safe!

Like on any other wing I intend to put iNav in the setup. Nothing has been cheaper and better than this so far and I really like it.

And of course we'll share all the settings and stuff here on the page. You'll find it here very easy, unlike digging on Facebook or other ressources - thats what this page is all about: provide our stuff in an easy way.

To make iNav happen, we've picked a new set from Mateksys especially made for wings making things easy to fiddle around with.

This set consist of the new Matek FCHUB-W and a Matek F405-STD .

The Matek FCHUB-W mounted
The Matek FCHUB-W mounted on the S1100 FC-Board



Part 3: change the setup to one motor (optional)

As the so far build went so smooth, we can easy convert the setup to only one motor and a larger prop for efficiency ... and of course go back again. This is a planned task but has absolutely no priority.

First priority is to get it flying now ...

8 thoughts on “Building the Reptile S1100 Harrier”

    1. I routed the wires before I glued the bottom piece in. It’s a bit fiddly but works good!

      Ah, and thanks for the question- it reminds me, that there is a lot of work to do here, since many things happened lately!

      1. Thanks for the reply! What sort of tool did you use? A dremel rotary tool? Did you have it at a high rpm? Thanks!

        1. Nothing but glue! The channels for the wiring are already in the foam and ready for use – simply place the wires and go for it

  1. I’m assembling mine now… sorry I didn’t realize you replied! I’m installing the r9slim receiver way out in the wing tip. So I’m going to use my dremel tool to cut a groove from the servo further out.

    1. Hier about to let the r9slim within the compartment bay and just get the wires out to the wing? Antenna most far out in the wing!

      Did save my behind last weekend!

      1. Do you happen to know what your control throws are? And did you have to add any reflex?

        1. Actually I don’t know it at this point – you’ll find out soon 😉 but I’ll remember that for the next time. We are about to raise a squad of four harriers 😉

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