Reptile S800 Sky Shadow

A wing for everyone

First of all lets be sure about one thing: The S800 Sky Shadow is surely not the best of all wings to get. But it is cheap! This makes it a good wing to start off with. Every part is available as a spare and stays at a low price. If you break something, no worries. It's repairable ... mostly.

We've had the S800 Sky Shadow in the air for over a year now. And to be honest: this is one of the first versions that came out.

Cruiser or racer?

Both will do fine here. No matter if you put a 3s3000 into the S800 Sky Shadow and cruise the area or prefer to race it with 4s lipos: it will do! Sometimes it's a bit nervous on turbulent winds but it can be calm as a lamb too. 

It's up to you how you want it to be

More Data

  • Pairans current setup

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The slow boat from China did take it’s time but finally arrived. It is time to check out a newer vtx for the S800 Sky Shadow! Lets install the TX5258.

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