Installing the Eachine TX5258 VTX

The slow boat from China did take it’s time but finally arrived. It is time to check out a newer vtx for the S800 Sky Shadow! Lets install the TX5258.

04 - TX5258-1.jpg
04 - TX5258-2.jpg

What I had in mind was simply to desolder the previous VTX from the Sky Shadow and replace it with the TX5258. The idea of expanding the good range on the Sky Shadow was simply to tempting and I wonder, how far it will get my on the next try.

But before we get out for a test, we need to get that thing into the wing. Okay, the size isn’t a problem and to solder three wires to the fc isn’t rocket science either. Yet I ran into some stupid trouble that I would like you guys to avoid 🙂

The harness can fool you

s800-sky-shadow - changing-the-vtx.jpgI stripped the JST wires from the connector and did the same to the audio and 5v out wires as they aren’t needed in my setup. This leaves a yellow, a black and a red wire which seems almost perfect. But if you connect the TX5258 like that, you’ll be fooled!

The TX5258 will behave as intended BUT it wont transmit anything! It took me a night to think about what might have gone wrong. Could it be a defective item? Did I do something wrong? I tried to run through all the channels in the selectable bands and even tried three different receivers to pick up any transmission- … nothing! So the TX5258 wasn’t transmitting anything so far!

However, the confidence came this morning after having a hot coffee in the mug! No, it wasn’t defective and YES, I did something wrong.

If you look closer at the harness you’ll see that the power is provided by the wires ending in a JST connector. By stripping these from the TX5258 it simply had NO REAL POWER! The only wire in the right place was the video in. And that it would power up must have been luck. This turned out to be the problem and it was time to sort that out.

After having swapped out the power wires to the right place everything was good and the TX5258 started to transmit.

Get the wires right

Of course that was a stupid mistake. But it was easy to get fooled so here is how it has to be 🙂

PinColorwhat forcomment
2red+5v out
4yellowvideo inconnected to vtx video out
5blackgroundconnected to vtx ground
6redDC 7-24v inconnected to vtx vcc

Hope it helps you not to do the same mistake I did.


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