TBS Caipirinha 2 joins the fleet

After having started with mixed emotions about the new TBS Caipirinha 2 I ordered the Pnp version. The price was tempting and the waiting was hell 🙂 yet it arrived yesterday, yay!

The box arrived in perfect shape

What's in the box?

As the wing is not so new, you've probably already watched several unboxings on YouTube. The inner holds 3 boxes with wings, center piece and Elevons plus winglets. In general you'll get all the things you need. Connect a receiver, a battery and your ready to go after glueing the wings to the centerpiece. Looks good!

Did I finish?

No! Still waiting for a new receiver and planning the layout of the electronics. By now the fc with pdb is there, vtx is ready to transmit and there is plenty of 4s Lipos waiting. Some wiring will be done to at the weekend and then we can go for a maiden.

Where is the video?

Coming up ... I didn't bother to make some footage of the unboxing which will end up as an initial video for the wing on the YouTube channel. But it hasn't been edited yet.

Order from China or from Europe?

that decision was made pretty easy: As we are in Europe I prefer to get it from here. I got mine in perfect shape and with no hazzle from customs.

So in case you'll need a Caipirinha 2 from Red:Bee in Austria for a good price - keep in mind, that you support us by using our links which we are thankfull for!

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