S1100 Harrier – We fade to gray!

Reptile S1100 Harrier

today we got the message that our shipment is on the way! That's actually great news because we are curious to see this thing! But why did we order it?

Size matters!

while the wings of the S800 Sky Shadow only came with 840mm wing span the harrier has grown up to 1100mm. This is actually a good size which could make the wing a bit less flimsy as we are used to know it from the S800 Sky Shadow which tends to wiggle a bit as some wind is up. Let's hope it gets a bit better on the S1100 Harrier.

The compartments have grown and changed. We assume it to carry a bigger 4s LiPo and with that increase the options for gear and longer flights allthough we can't complain while having the 40min flight in mind. But then again, bigger wings can carry more and that's why we think: size matters 🙂

Dense EPP foam

Like the S670 the S1100 Harrier comes with the super tough gray foam which is a good thing compared to the Sky Shadow's V1.


Multiple configurations

Will it become a twin engine? Or simply one fat motor on the tail? We dont know yet. But we'll start off as a twin engined wing on 4s - that's the plan so far.


What's next?

We will do an unboxing and preprare to document on how to build this thing. You'll find the corresponding posts here on the site and on the YouTube channel.

Link to the Reptile-tech S1100 Harrier

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