Willi (Rs) about to rise!

It’s the end of March and the weather here is slowly getting ok. For me its a bit of a hurry because I want to be ready with my gear as the weather opens of for some lovely fly-outs 🙂

Pairans Willi (Rs) getting tweaked
Tweaking time

Last year we started to build on the MicroTronds Willi (R) and I began to build a more advanced edition of it: The Willi (Rs)! Basically it’s the same airframe as the Willi R but it’s designed to carry better components. This is an overpowered motor, a nasty little OmnibusF4 FC running iNav and a RunCam Split Mini, which hasn’t arrived by now.

That won’t hold us back to get it finished, right? So today was one of those moments where I decided to put the build to a test: Will it fly or just hammer into the ground?

Waiting for a gps fix

micro-trond-willi - IMG_6492_1024px.jpgBeing in the field has always been easy with these wings: Simply power it up and  launch it! Not this time though as the OmnibusF4 which is installed will not arm the wing before we get a gps fix. But that did only take about 2 minutes and the I tried to launch this little wicked thing.

It was super twitchy and I was lucky to have some sort of natural expo in my fingers that day: The elevons needed to be lowered to get it flying straight – good sign! Although the build is not finished it seems to want the neutral. That’s the way I love it to go.

Next try

The next launch wasn’t less terrible and problematic but as I adapt to a situation I managed to get it down safely after having circled around this tiny spot I used. The dawn was closing in and it was time to finish for now as darkness isn’t good while flying LOS.

Then I thought: “come on … it flies … you gotta try this in Horizon mode!” and so I headed the wing to a linear course to me and hit the switch!

“Horizon mode!”

The Taranis shouts out the switched mode and I’m preparing to engage counter measures to eventually recover the crap that could happen any second …

Nothing actually happened! NOTHING! … okay, it flew straight and all the initial flimsiness was gone at that point, but hey … no crash, stall, death spiral! … ok … time to land and get home 🙂

Final task for the day

While in MANUAL mode it was really flimsy on the pitch axis. Just back-checked with the devs from iNav and they advised me to adjust the manual_pitch_rate which I then reduced down to 60 (from 100). Just hacked this into the CLI and saved the settings. The result looks promising and I will try that on the next occasion.


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